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Muhlen Sohn success in China

  • Global market leader has achieved a volume growth of over 30 percent for corrugator belts
  • Muhlen Sohn China has won experienced expert as its General Manager
  • Company presents its product highlights at the SinoCorrugated 2015

Muhlen Sohn AQUA PULL AE convinces customers with its long life time

Produktion of high quality corrugator belts „Made in Germany“

Blaustein 23. March 2015


Muhlen Sohn, a global manufacturer of technical fabrics, has been able to grow its China sales volumes over 30% in year 2014. Many new Chinese customers place their trust in the company. The course of the expansion in recent years is continuing therefore. Mr. Jussi Roine, the new general manager of Muhlen Sohn in China, is going to further strengthen the market position and expand the business. Mr. Roine has demonstrated his experience already for several years in packaging industry. Muhlen Sohn has also successfully recruited new sales managers for important growth regions in south west and north of China. At the same time the service team has been expanded to ensure service to our customers multiple different kind of corrugator machines.


Quality products Made in Germany
Muhlen Sohn is a 135-year-old company from Germany. The corrugator belts of the technology leader are suitable for all machines and are used especially in the heating and tracking sections of a corrugator. Belts from Muhlen Sohn are made of tear-resistant and heat-resistant fibers and enable a long durability, excellent moisture control and maximum flexibility. The firm belt material guarantees a surface shaped distribution of contact pressure. This in turn ensures a uniform bonding and quick drying of corrugated cardboard and less wear of heating plates. Compared to felt belts Muhlen Sohn’s woven belts absorb the moisture better and especially help to achieve drier edges of the cardboard. Thus, using the Muhlen Sohn belts is more economical for the manufacturer thanks to less edge waste. Muhlen Sohn belts reduce edge waste by up to 50%.


On the SinoCorrugated by 2015, the main exhibition around the theme of corrugated cardboard, the interested parties can experience the benefits of Muhlen Sohn corrugator belts at Stand B82 during 14-17th of April. In China, the company distributes the products Aqua Pull AE, Aqua Pull S and Max Pull.


"Our corrugated board belts can be used on all known machine types. We have a product for the different production processes and find an optimal solution for specific customer requirements", explains Armin Birzele, Head of Sales at Muhlen Sohn.


China has the world's largest market share for corrugated cardboard
Thanks to the material quality corrugated board is one the most popular packaging materials worldwide. The corrugated board protects the cargo from damage due to dropping or other external pressure. According to estimates by experts, the world corrugated board production grows by around 4% annually until the year 2019. With less than 30% market share, China is the largest producer country and growth continues. Through the change of consumer behavior and online shopping the demand for packaging products keeps rising in China. In the year 2018, according to a forecast, the Chinese will spend more money for online purchases than the rest of the world together.



About the company:
The Muhlen Sohn GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company with a long tradition. The 1880 established family-owned company produces fluidising fabrics and corrugator belts and employs more than 200 people. The technology leader has its headquarters in Blaustein near Ulm (Germany) and subsidiaries in China and in the United States. The company is represented in over 100 other countries through a strong network of sales partners.